a home / space for the needy

As thousands of people are now homeless in Kerala it is imperative to provide them a free temporary accomodation through sharing / sparing. If you have such accomodation space, as a helping hand, you can post your facilities.

Be a part in rebuilding lives with alternative temporary accommodation

We / is stretching our hands in the process of rebuilding Kerala. Kerala is passing through the heaviest natural disaster in this century. Tens and thousands of people lost their households. It is in this juncture, We, and is providing a platform for accomodating the needy.

kerala flood

Homes Available

Independent House

City / Area : Pala.
District : Kottayam.

Contact: George
Tel: 9447043403

Terms & Conditions.

This is purely a temporary platform to find the needy and utilising the good gesture of sharing.

The donor and the occupier themselves should mutually agree for this arrangement and they themselves are solely responsible for this.

The company is provding only a platform as a good gesture and is noways responsible for any consequence with this arrangement.

Any dispute arising out of the arrangement between the parties have to be resolved among themselves.

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